I have nothing personal against Manytuil, says Akec

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Juba, Prof. John Akech, called for calm and unity after a verbal confrontation with Unity State’s Governor, Joseph Manytuil, over the issue of dredging the Naam River on Friday. The two leaders had verbal confrontations that stole the headlines of the economic conference.

In a statement seen by The City Review on Akech’s Facebook page on Saturday, the professor expressed remorse about the bitter argument with Manytuil.

“I would like to express my deepest regret about how a genuine exchange with Governor Manytuil had gone out of control; and led to misunderstanding and unproductive debate among citizens,” Akech said.

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“I want to put the record straight that it is clear that both Governor Manytuil and I are committed to serving our citizens in our different capacities and roles,” he added.

However, the video clip circulating on social media shows both of them furious with each other.

Akec said he has no ill feelings against Governor Manytuil or the people of Unity State but was rather raising a point on the issue of flooding in the state.

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“Mine was with him and others on finding a more sustainable solution to problems of flooding,” he said.

However, he said he wants the misunderstanding between him and Governor Manytuil to be put to rest, adding that South Sudanese should be focusing on economic matters.

“We should all put our hands together and focus our energies to solve the economic challenges facing our country, which the conference was organised by the government to address,” Akec said.

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