Let’s find better remedies to the flooding menace in the country

Last Friday, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Juba, Prof. John Akech and the Governor of Unity State, Joseph Manytuil, had a serious debate that led to a verbal confrontation at the economic conference.

The duo had divergent opinions about the dredging of the Naam River.

Governor Joseph Monytuil, whose state has been submerged by floods since 2020, sees dredging as the only possible to rescue the lives of the affected people. However, Prof. John Akec is opposed to the dredging due lack of scientific studies to assure safety.

The two leaders had a serious verbal confrontation that stole the headlines of the economic conference. Many people were surprised to watch the video clip of the event on social media which almost turned violent before our invited guests to the conference.

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So, much as we intend to protect our natural resources because the survival of human beings is linked to the safety of the environment, we should also understand that no resource is worth human lives.

The existence of the next generation depends on the survival of the current generation.

In 2021, half of the country’s total area had been submerged, and Unity State has been the most affected state and has lost its livelihoods completely. That means the survival of these people is under threat from floods.

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While ongoing exercises to clean the Naam River have not been scientifically propped, to some extent,t the government has primary responsibility to save the lives of its citizens.

The government needs to focus on long-term solutions such as building a dam to control the flow of water and also agricultural modernization to utilize the excess water that is often wasted on the ground.

Unfortunately, some of the languages that are being used on social media following the arguments between Prof. Akec and Governor Manytuil are so divisive and not healthy. We can strike a middle ground and debate soberly on such matters.

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