Nile Couture designers appeal for support ahead of exhibition

The Nile Couture Fashion House Managing Director and a fashion designer Doris Sukeji appealed for support for the upcoming fashion show scheduled for October 14, 2023, at Juba’s Palm Africa Hotel.

In an interview with The City Review, Sukeji said the 7th edition will bring together designers who will display traditional wear from all the tribes. He said some of the designers have specialized in making traditional wedding attires which would save the South Sudanese the time and money when resorting to import same products.

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“We South Sudanese designers at Nile Couture want people to come and attend our shows; come and support us and see what we are doing because we are here we trying to build the fashion industry, we are trying to see that people wear locally made, buy local made,” she persuaded.

 “We have different designers with different brands to showcase on our runway, so mostly every year we have four to six designers depending on [those who are ready] to showcase.”

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She added the company had rolled out training and would be answering to the call for perfection through a workshop which will kickstart on October 7, where experts will dispense knowledge.

Models’ trainer, Sarah Kiko, appealed for the support from government institutions and embassies to support the program which, she believes, creates job opportunities.

“We need companies, embassies to come and attend our shows and see what we are doing so that case they love what we do then they will know what they are investing in,” she said.

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