Police Emergency Unit Arrest Gang Groups members in Wau

The Director of Emergency call center 112, in Western Bahr el Ghazal State on Thursday arrested 19 people in connection with fighting of gangs groups among themselves and blocking the road in Hai Kosti residential area.

Peter Mangang discloses that the gang’s group members were arrested in separate incidents and among those arrested some are girls. 

“These are members of about 30 gang groups and they have not been giving people rest because of their troubles,” Mangang clarifies.

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Mangang urges the government and those concerned to give 112 full responsibility and authority in order for them to address the occurrence actions of gang groups.

Mayor of Wau Municipality Council Paulino Said Uku says that those who are arrested should be taken to court or possibly jail for three months.

He said, “I would like to call on the Police not to compromise those arrested, they should be taken to prison to serve their punishment in order to reform them.”

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