South Sudanese Youth Connect with Chinese Astronauts in Space

South Sudanese Youth Connect with Chinese Astronauts in Space

n September 13, the Chinese Embassy in South Sudan hosted an online event called “My Dream in Space – Chinese Astronauts Connect with African Youth.” It brought together over 20 young people from South Sudan, along with their peers from various African countries, to interact with Chinese astronaut Chen Dong and the Shenzhou-16 crew through a video link.

Ambassador Ma Qiang, from the Chinese Embassy, led the ceremony and engaged with the South Sudanese youths. He explained that China’s remarkable progress in space exploration is a result of its innovation-driven development strategy and the Communist Party of China’s dedication to finding a path tailored to China’s unique circumstances. Unlike Western countries that took centuries to industrialize and modernize, China achieved significant development in just a few decades, forming a solid foundation for advancements in science and technology.

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Ambassador Ma emphasized China’s friendship with South Sudan and expressed the hope that South Sudan would find its own path to justice, liberty, and prosperity. He encouraged South Sudanese youths to dream big, think actively about their nation’s development, and contribute to the advancement of humanity. He also urged them to work tirelessly to realize their own aspirations.

At the event, Ambassador Ma presented certificates and prizes to more than 20 contestants who participated in the “My Dream” Painting Competition for African Youth and the “Human Community with a Shared Future” Thematic Writing Contest. They watched the interactions with the Chinese astronauts at the main venue of the “My Dream in Space” ceremony.

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Following the event, South Sudanese youths expressed their admiration for China’s advanced science and technology. They pledged to study harder and work diligently to contribute to South Sudan’s development and strengthen the friendship between South Sudan and China. Gatwech Nyoun, the second prize winner of the “Human Community with a Shared Future” Thematic Writing Contest and Secretary-General of the Jonglei State Government, praised the Chinese astronauts’ inspiring stories. He expressed the hope that South Sudan could learn from China’s development experience, especially in aerospace and technology, and enhance cooperation with China to benefit both countries’ progress.

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