20 die of malaria everyday in South Sudan – says official

20 die of malaria everyday in South Sudan – says official

A specialist at the national Ministry of Health said at least 20 people die of malaria every day in South Sudan, citing disease as the leading cause of death in the country.

Dhieu Daniel Mayen, a Social and Behavioral Change Specialist at the Ministry of Health said malaria severity and mortality rate is at 66.8%.

According to him, this has prompted the ministry to carry out a survey that will collect and analyze data on coverage and use of malaria prevention and treatment in the country.

“In this country, twenty people die each day of Malaria. Malaria is the leading killer diseases which is the major cause of morbidity and mortality categorize of 66.8% of all,” Mayen said to Eye Radio’s Mother and Child Program on Friday.

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Mayen said the data is nearly double the 2017 indicator survey, accounting for 32% infection rate of the country’s population.

He also said that malaria mainly affects the vulnerable groups especially children under the age of five and pregnant mothers.

“Outpatient admission in the country is 30% and out of that, 50% is death cases of malaria. In 2021, also on world malaria report, there are estimate 87 and 50 cases of malaria according to world malaria report. So, this prompted us as a country to carry out the survey so that we look at population infection of the disease in the country.”

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The malaria indicator survey which was launched on Monday is expected to help the ministry evaluate the progress and the impact of malaria control programs, to identify the gaps and challenges in malaria service delivery, and to inform policy and planning for malaria elimination.

The nation-wide survey will use household-based questionnaire that asks about the demographic characteristics, health status, and malaria-related behaviors of the household members.

The survey also includes blood tests for malaria and anemia for children under five years old.

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It is expected to end on 12 of November 2023.




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