Abdelbagi calls on Muslims to support the 2024 election

The Vice President for the Service Cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi, called on the Muslim community to support the upcoming election in the country.

Addressing the Muslim community during an event in Juba on Sunday, Abdelbagi said the government will soon start the deployment of the 53,000 Necessary Unified Forces to the states and three administrative areas to address the issues of insecurity in the country.

“Fifteen months from now, South Sudan will go for an election. We need the Muslim community in the country to support the election in order for South Sudan to move from the transitional government and to have a peaceful election,” Abdelbagi said.

According to him, most of the countries in the world know South Sudan as a violent country and the narrative needs to change.

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 “So it is time for us as a country to tell them that we are for peaceful elections,” he said.

Abdelbagi added, “There will be an election at the end of the transitional period. We need Muslims to get ready to support the election with resources in order for the country to end the transitional period in South Sudan in order for the world to know that we are not for war but peace.”

Last month, the Minister of Presidential Affairs, Dr. Marial Benjamin, called on the international community to support South Sudan in its quest to prepare for the coming election.

“Please, the peace process has moved to another level. Yes, there are a few points that we have not done because there are good reasons why those have not been done,” he said.

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Marial added, “We must conclude this peace process with an election where people will elect the leader of their choice.”

Marial urged the diplomats during the 78th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China in Juba to support the country.

He was remorseful that the country plunged into violence for avoidable reasons that, according to him, should have been sorted out democratically.

“Technical support must come from you to help us. We will do what we can as a country, but we will also need support, and we are asking for that support.”

Marial’s plea comes after a slight difference between the peace partners on the modalities and the pre-conditions of holding the elections.

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While SPLM-IG maintains that the poll can go on with some pending chapters unresolved, SPLM-IO argues that such would breed a charade election, especially when there is no permanent constitution.

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