Activist tosses roundtable idea to solve 2024 poll dilemma 

The Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Edmund Yakani, is appealing to the presidency to commission a roundtable to allow the people to canvass matters of elections.

According to the press statement seen by the City Review yesterday, Yakani stated that his organization noted a call from citizens to their leaders asking them to accord them a venue for free deliberation to reach an agreement point.

He added that as politicians continue to disagree on whether there will be an election or not, citizens continue to sink into a state of dilemma.

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However, Yakani said the deliberation is much more overdue as far as addressing the challenges of the election dilemma is concerned.

“Citizens are appealing to the Presidency to commission a national stakeholders and political actors’ roundtable that aims at generating national consciousness for the conduct of elections by December 2024,” Yakani said.

He said the roundtable would allow the public to understand the laws surrounding the 2024 election.

Yakani added that interpretation of the law, operationalization of the law, and participation of r groups such as people with disabilities, youth, and women, among others, would be part of the discussions.

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“Creation of local security because people feel there are cases of insecurity and the question of unification of forces is still a serious matter,” he said.

He resisted the need for the Presidency to reconstitute the commission of roundtables for the 2024 election to generate answers.

The activist stated that it would give way to knowing whether there will be an election or not and, in case it is not, what should be done.

“I would like to appeal to the President to respond to those citizens and reconstitute the commission,” he said.

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