Angelina challenges women to put parties on toes

The Minister of Interior, Angelina Teny, asked women to start scrutinizing their political parties to ensure the planned 2024 election will be free, fair and credible.

Teny who spoke during the Annual National Conference on Women, Peace, and Security conducted by Eve Organisation for Women Development in Juba yesterday, challenged women to take up oversight roles by ensuring parties offer a level playing field.

She remembered how she ran for a gubernatorial position in the 2010 election before South Sudan got independence, adding it was arduous, which she took positively as a lesson.

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“We have different parties [now]. In the last election, few women came to compete in the constituency [level],” she said, adding, “You need to know your internal democratic process as a party because people are nominated by their parties; if your party is not democratic internally, you will have issues. I am a living example.”

She added that the election should reflect the will of the people through a majority vote.

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“The will of the people starts with the party; it is not one to start to nominate. Within political parties, you have to work hard to ensure that we have free and fair democratic processes,” she argued.

The country currently has several political parties but the process of formal registration is yet to be realised as it is subject to the formation of the Political Parties Council and the reconstitution of the National Electoral Commission.

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