Bank manager, deputy detained over theft of client’s $163,000

Two senior employees of KCB Bank in Lakes State are being detained over suspected case of fraud.

Lakes State Minister of Information Paul Ayang said a bank manager and his deputy were rounded up and arrested by the military over suspected theft of $163,000 belonging to the clients.  They have been held for more than three days.

“They are in detention because this is …a criminal matter and it is being taken care of by the state government. So, there is no torture. This is what I can say,” he said

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Ayang said a complaint was filed by an individual who saves with the local bank prompting the police to issue a warrant of arrest against the two officials. Although the suspects are held by the police, the state official said the police would actively take up the matter.

“The police are going to take over their role. What is happening now is that the case is criminal and is slightly triggering issue of the insecurity in the state. So, the military has not taken over the job of the police in Lakes State, so they have been apprehended and they will be handed over to the police as soon as possible,” he said, adding that the state was keen on having them prosecuted in court and guaranteeing their safety.

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