Body appeals for extra support to evacuate South Sudanese trapped in Sudan

The Emergency Response and Rehabilitation Initiative called on partners and the government to extend their support for the evacuation of the South Sudanese stranded in Khartoum due to the on-going conflict in Sudan.

Addressing the media yesterday, the Executive Director of Emergency Response and Rehabilitation Initiative, Oliha Fidensio, said the suffering of the South Sudanese citizens in Khartoum is yet to ease and the war has extended to other areas.

“ERRI calls on the general public, partners and the government to extend their support so that we join hands together with other humanitarian actors to increase the capacity of onward transportation of our citizens up to the county levels,” Fidensio said.

“We are also calling for more fund to support those who are trapped in Khartoum due to the fighting continuing there. The war has extended to peaceful areas in Sudan, and our people need our support. We are calling for more fund to begin transporting, resettling, and rehabilitating those who have transported, and most of them are stranded in the cities. We need to make them settle in their original land,” he added.

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He said they had a fundraising at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum and were able to get some good amount of money, which was used in buying foodstuff and providing medication for the returnees who were sick during the transportation process.

“On 13th to 17th May, we had a fundraising at john Garang mausoleum. Through the donation of the well-wishers, we were able to make some good money. We have also made some contribution to families who came to Juba, we have been very helpful to the families who came to juba. We have been making a lot of contributions in terms of food items and even some other families that came with them,” he stated.

However, Head of Information Committee for ERRI, Jok Monychok, said there are over two million South Sudanese people in Sudan that need to be evacuated.

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“We are having over two million people in Sudan. And with this conflict we need to know that these people need us to evacuate them,” he said.

“We need to reiterate our commitment again as citizens of this country to back be again and rejuvenate ourselves and work again towards the evacuation of our citizens,” he stressed.

Monychok revealed that they are going to launch another fundraising in November 18, 2023, adding that they composed a song on behalf of the South Sudanese people who are in misery that are dire need of assistance.

“We have collaborated with the Artist Union, and we came up with an idea of composing a song. The song actually talks about how our people are suffering and how they should be supporting. The song is going to be launched in an upcoming fundraising that is going to take place at Pyramid Hotel in November, 18, 2023,” he stressed.

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According to him, there were two trucks which left for Khartoum on September 7 in Jebel Holia and transported 800 South Sudanese returnees who were trapped in Khartoum to Joda.

On April 27, 2023, Emergency Response and Rehabilitation Initiative sent 39 trucks to Khartoum through the efforts of its initiative when the war escalated in Sudan. The tracks were used for evacuating South Sudanese people in various places in Sudan. A total number of 10,185 vulnerable South Sudanese were transported by the initiative to South Sudan.

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