Bravo for the good work, Mr Auditor-General 

In his latest report, the auditor general revealed flaws and delays in the construction of the Juba-Rumbek Road. Some of the anomalies pointed out include improper public procurement procedures and a need for more oversight by contractors.

Mr Stephen Wondu presented the Juba-Rumbek Construction Company report, which revealed that the contractor for the Juba-Rumbek Road was not contracted through open competitive bidding but through a single source.

“It was therefore not possible to confirm whether the contract was awarded to the most qualified contractor and at the contractor’s reasonable price,” the report said.

It is true that what the audit bureau did falls within its role according to the Constitution and the legal and ethical responsibilities entrusted to it. But given that our country is still facing challenges and is at the beginning of its path towards strengthening institutions in pursuit of transparency, we find it necessary to acknowledge the effort made by the Audit Bureau in this report.

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Financial oversight contributes effectively to improving government performance and the extent to which goals are achieved. This is done by ensuring the prudent use of public funds in projects and seeing to it that allocations are carried out in accordance with the laws and legal financial systems prepared for this purpose.

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The Juba-Rumbek Road report dealt with violations committed during the construction of the road that caused technical errors that led to what actually happened in 2020 when the road was destroyed due to floods in May of that year.

We must encourage similar efforts to ensure that we are building infrastructure according to the correct methods. The most important thing is that there should be a strong and high-quality infrastructure that will involve roads, which will be viewed as the lifeline for development, commercial movement and urbanisation of our societies in different parts of the country.

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