Ex-judge urges public to sue ‘corrupt’ police officers

Ex-judge urges public to sue ‘corrupt’ police officers

A former High Court Judge has called on the public to obtain evidence and sue police officers asking for money to facilitate their case, hinting that paying the officers is corruption.

Dr Geri Raimondo Legge said those who pay money to police to facilitate their procedures in police stations are also considered criminals.

Dr Legge made the remarks while speaking during a one-day workshop organized by Women and Equity in Juba to address the Challenges faced by the investigation authorities.

While stating that paying bribes to police officers is a crime, the ex-judge encourages the public to record the acts of bribery as evidence to be used against them.

“Those who pay money to police are also criminals this is not facilitation. This is corruption. You should file a case against any police asking money from you to his boss,” he told the workshop.

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“Here in Juba, we have the police director of Central Equatoria for the public prosecutor, we have the head of the state prosecutor. Come and report your case.”

“Put it in written not oral and give evidence by recording any conversation between you and him by using your smartphone and use it as material evidence. So, anyone (who willingly) pays money to police, is also a criminal and must be handled according to the law.”

The workshop was attended by 15 stakeholders including prosecutor generals, head and investigators of the police stations in Juba.

It aims to discusses ways to motivate the public attorneys to supervise investigation processes diligently and achieve fair justice especially for accused persons.

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For her part, the Chairperson of the Women’s Equity Advocacy organization Yasmin Mohamed Khamis said the event was as a result of several workshops to address the problem of overcrowding in police stations and prisons.

“We discovered through previous workshops that there are challenges facing investigators. As a result of these challenges, prisons and police stations are overcrowded with inmates. Our goal in this workshop is to overcome these challenges,” Ms Mohamed said.

“We as the Women’s Equity advocacy organization are trying to find a solution to this dilemma, which is to reduce the number of people waiting in prisons and police stations in Juba.”

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The one-day workshop held Under the theme: “Every accused person shall have the right to a fair and speedy trial. And justice shall not be delayed,” was funded by the German Catholic Bishops’ Organisation for Development Cooperation.




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