Fact-check: Is this a beachside road in Zimbabwe?

No, this picture is of Marqala Beach in Tangier, Morocco.

Writer: Jibi Moses

A picture making rounds on Facebook and WhatsApp claiming to show a road section in Zimbabwe is false and misleading.

The picture was shared by a Facebook user on September 12, 2023, with an accompanying post that read: “The Zimbabwe they will not show you on social media.

It generated massive engagement from the public, with 59K reactions, 6,500 comments, and 4,000 shares. However, some comments criticised the post, saying that Zimbabwe is landlocked without an ocean. Others mentioned that the picture was of South Africa, and yet others, Morocco. 

Fact-check: Is this a beachside road in Zimbabwe?
A screenshot of the post on Facebook

The picture was also shared in a WhatsApp group with a similar caption:

“This is how our cost line should look, and even better. From Entebbe Airport to Luzia Portbell (along Lake Victoria), the advantage of bordering the lake should  come with improved infrastructure along its shores. This is Zimbabwe, which they do not show you in the news (sic).” 

Fact-check: Is this a beachside road in Zimbabwe?
The screenshot of the claim as shared on the WhatsApp group

211 Check also found a Facebook post by Burundi Actu from 2020 bearing the same image. The post is in Kinyarwanda, which, when translated to English, means: “The picture shows how the #Bujumbura-#Rumonge road will be built in 2040. The construction has been completed #Burundi”

Claim Verification 

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211 Check ran a Google Reverse Image Search to verify the claim and found that the picture is of Marqala/Merkala Beach in Tangier, Morocco. 

Among the results are various instances where the image has been attributed to Morocco, as seen in this Moroccan travel website.  The image has also been used similarly to showcase tourist attractions in Tangier, Morocco, as seen here

The beach can also be seen in this Youtube video whose title translates to: ‘My country’s beaches: Markala Beach, Tangier Ep:2 (plage markala).’

A search on Google Maps for the keywords ‘Marqala Tangier Beach, Morocco,’ clearly returns its location on the map in northern Morocco, with multiple pictures of the beach, where the image under scrutiny is also featured.

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Fact-check: Is this a beachside road in Zimbabwe?
A screenshot of one of the views seen from Google Maps 

A further search on Google Travel brings up more images of the beach taken from different angles and marked as Merkala/Marqala Beach in Tangier. 

In addition, several other sites have shared the photo, attributing it to Morocco such as here, here, here, here and here

Does Zimbabwe have beaches?

In the post, the author claims this beach is in Zimbabwe, a landlocked country. However, they did not mention the specific name of the place. 

A Google word search of keywords: Does Zimbabwe have beaches? returned that there are a few beaches, but it has only one such expansive beach: Binga Beach, found on Lake Kariba. However, the pictures of the beach are different from the image under scrutiny. 


The picture making the rounds on Facebook and WhatsApp groups claiming it was taken in Zimbabwe is false. The picture is of Marqala Beach in Tangier, Morocco.

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