Four students get free scholarships after inter-school debate victory

The principal of St. John College, Phillip Nyok, has awarded bursaries to four students after their victory in the recent inter-school debate in Wau.

The four students were handed a free scholarship for their excellent performance against the students of Bahr el-Ghazal University.

The debate was conducted under the motion: gender representation in the government, constitutional governance, and the role of the UN peacekeeping missions.

The aim of the forum was to make the students think critically and provide a safe space to give their opinions on relative matters affecting the people of South Sudan.

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Nyok said rewarding the students was a promise from the college administration, and they had to keep their word.

“We made a promise as college administrators and are delighted to keep our word to our talented students,” stated Mr. Nyok.

Mariam Taban, one of the students from St John College testified how such debates made her opinions on South Sudanese heard.

“Debating with my peers has allowed me to express considered opinions on the kind of South Sudan we want to live in as young people,” she said.

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“We need such open platforms to discuss key peace and security issues without fear of reprisal,” Mariam added.

The notion was anchored around three questions, namely: should gender representation in the government be mandatory or voluntary; is UNMISS impartial in protecting civilians; and should South Sudan be a federal government.

The debate aimed to bring discussions on promoting conversations and meaningful youth participation in democratic and constitutional governance and was facilitated by UNIMISS.

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