Governor Odhok urges ‘peace and love’ to reign in Upper Nile

Governor Odhok urges ‘peace and love’ to reign in Upper Nile

Upper Nile State governor on Friday appealed for reconciliation and peaceful co-existence among his people, adding that there is no other option but peace for the state reeling from devastating conflicts and ethnic division.

James Odhok Oyai said the state has gone through senseless wars, displacing thousands of people and depriving children of quality education.

He said it is only through peace that the state can develop, prosper and regain its glory.

James added that the state government is planning to conduct conference on peace and reconciliation to bring together all leaders, intellectual, youth, women, civil society and faith-based groups of the state.

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“I say to my people of Upper Nile that we don’t have any option before us but peace, because we have seen the results of war, war does not do us any good, only chaos in the country,” Odhok said speaking on Eye Radio’s Dawn Show on Friday.

“I want peace and love to reign among the people of Upper Nile. Upper Nile is our father and mother, we are responsible for its development, and we fought and destroyed it, now we should come together and bring back the glory of Upper Nile so that we compete with other states.”

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“In the past Upper Nile was among the best states in the secondary school certificates, but the state is now among the worse, this is because of fighting and tribalism among us, children did not even get conducive environment for education. So, let’s work together as sons and daughters of Upper Nile not as tribes.”

Governor James Odok further said the peace parties making up the state government are working in unity and harmony.

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