Jenesio fate up in air, risks spell on trenches

The fate of the suspended Central Equatoria State minister of local government and law enforcement agencies, Moro Jenesio, still hangs on the balance with his party still in the dark over the matter.

Last week, the Central Equatoria State Governor, Emmanuel Adil, suspended Jenesio, in a gubernatorial decree that also saw him make a raft of changes in the state and Juba City Council.

Before issuing the suspension order, Governor Adil had blamed Jenesio for failing to deliver at work. But on the other hand, Jenesio’s party, SSNMC, had blamed the CES boss of driving an agenda against Jenesio, reassigning his duties to the junior officers to isolate him and render him functionless.

Yesterday, an official of the South Sudan National Movement for Change (SSNMC) told The City Review that, to them, Jenesio’s suspension was not done in the spirit of the revitalised peace agreement but was a unilateral decision by Mr Adil.

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“That suspension was not right, he did not do it within the spirit of the agreements, and he did it has an individual to fight his personal war against him (Jenesio),” the official said.

He said the leadership of the party (SSNMC) has been in discussions to see how the matter can be handled.

“We are in consultation with some leaders within the alliance about the suspension. All these discussions are related to the disagreement between the governor and the minister of local government.”

However, when The City Review SSOA Secretary-General and spokesperson, Dr. Lam Akol, he said South Sudan National Movement for Change had not reached the alliance for consultations about the wrangles between the minister and the state governor.

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 “I can’t take position in isolation of the party concern. It’s the party that will come to SSOA with their case. We are always in contact with them (SSNMC) but they have not yet told us, we will wait for them,” said Akol.

Last month, the South Sudan National Movement for Change (SSNMC), under Clement Juma distanced itself from the differences between Adil and Jenesio.

David De Dau, Spokesperson of SSNM, issued a statement saying the party had no interest in the bickering of the two leaders and does not share the same views with Mr Jenesio.

“SSNM has distance [itself] from the claims being made by the group headed by Moro Isaac against the Hon. Governor of the Central Equatoria State. SSNM name is legally reserved at South Sudan’s Political Parties Council [PPC] under the leadership of Hon. Clement Juma,” Dau said.

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Before Jenesio was suspended, the official spokesperson of the party, Luka Agok, said the party was holding internal discussions and would announce the next move later.

“We as the party have our own internal discussions; the governor’s side may have his own internal arrangements on administrative level,” Agok said.

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