Lack of youth policy costing us, says Gola

The chairman of the South Sudan National Youth Union, Gola Boyoi lamented that the youth are not benefiting from the union due to a lack of funds owing to a non-existing youth development policy.

Speaking during the policy dialogue deliberation event organised by white-taker last week, Gola acknowledged that the young South Sudanese are not direct beneficiaries of the youth union office.

“The government is obligated to fund the national youth union and all youth organizations in the country but without that policy, the government has no obligation we end up being beggars,” he lamented.

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He said they have been forced to place the East African Youth Council on hold due to the problem.

“We had an engagement with the East African youth council and there was consensus of forming EAC Youth Council, whereby all the member states of EAC were going to be members of that youth council but because there were three to four countries among the member states that have no youth development policy, it was put on hold until now,” he stated.

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In response, the Undersecretary in the National Ministry of Youth and Sports, Peter Abubakar, said plans are in place to have the youth enterprise fund for correction.

“They (cabinet and parliament) are going to discuss very specific things; this is just a procedure,” he said.

He said the policy document was returned to the ministry for clarification and it will be tabled after a week with the date yet to be declared.

The policy document on youth enterprise funds is aimed at decentralizing the allocation of youth development funds.

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