New Cardinal Stephen Ameyu term his elevation as “eye opener“

The newly elevated Cardinal, His Eminence Dr. Stephen Ameyu Mula described his promotion as “an eye opener” that aligns to South Sudan, the world has shown South Sudanese strong support to the Church. 

Stephen Ameyu 59 is among the 21 new cardinals who were installed on Saturday 30th September by Pope Francis, making a total of 137 cardinals who will be able to elect a new Pope in the future.

He is the first South Sudanese Cardinal after Archbishop emeritus of Khartoum Zubeir Wako who was elevated as cardinal in 2003 when Sudan was one country and retired in December 2016.

His eminence Dr. Stephen Ameyu Martin made emotional speech on his elevation day.

He says being a cardinal is an eye opener and a proof to the world that South Sudan believes in God that deserved recognition in the top leadership of the church 

“As people from South Sudan is an eye opener, people have come to know that we believe in God and we deserve also to have a title of a Cardinal.” He said.

Ameyu reiterated that his new office of the cardinal is diverse to all Christians in South Sudan, calling for Unity and teamwork.

“As I have already told you several times, this office of the cardinal is not only for one person, it is for all of us in South Sudan. And so, we have to conduct our lives in a good way.” He reiterated.

While in Rome, the Speaker of the TNLA Jema Nunu Kumba asked South Sudanese to join hands and work together with the Cardinal regardless of their religious affiliation as the country is in search of a lasting peace and stability.

The TNLA speaker said she is happy that South Sudanese are peacefully coexisting especially the Christians and the Muslims as it fulfils one of the liberation objectives of having a secular nation with freedom of Worship.

“Part of our liberation objective was to have a secular nation where there is freedom of worship, and I’m happy that we are now coexisting, the Muslims and the Christian in our Country [South Sudan] we are coexisting peacefully.” Nunu explained.

Meanwhile Pope Francis In his homily during the Consistory for the creation of 21 new Cardinals reflects on unity and diversity in the Church, highlighting the importance of sodality under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the “master of walking together.”

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