Nhial takes over at the helm of South Sudan Artists Union

The South Sudan Artist Union installed a new president yesterday in an apparent rebuild of the body.

James Nhial, popularly known as Akut Kuei, took over as the current president of the union with a strong message of unity to champion a common course in the interest of the members.

Mr. Nhial was appointed on September 27, 2023, by the South Sudan Artists Union national executive council board in Juba.

Speaking yesterday at his official taking over ceremony in Juba, Nhial called on the executive body of the union and all the artists to join hands together to work for the betterment of the country.

“I need every artist to stand with me to support the office because no one can work alone, one hand cant clap, if we join hands together, we will do something,” he urged.

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He challenged the artists to think beyond their individual goals by putting the interest of the union ahead through aggressive networking to promote the body.

“I know all the artist’s doors are closed in the government and in our country but we as the artists are the ones who made the doors to be closed because we do not go to the government with something reasonable,” he said.

Nhial added that artists are peace makers and that is “why it is important for every artist to start building peace in his or her house before extending it to the country.”

“There is too much segregation happening. We need to call all the 64 tribes in South Sudan; we as the artists must unite to find where our right is because our dignity is lost,” he persuaded.

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He called on artists to behave responsibly because artists are teachers who are supposed to be exemplary in the communities.

“We need to work on these misbehaviors so that they do not be happen in the future.”

The incoming boss took his time to persuade the artists to avoid mocking each other through songs whenever they have misunderstanding.

He stressed the importance of making laws on copyright to help the artists protect their works of art and earn a living from them.

The former president of the union, Garang Atem, congratulated Mr Nhial, saying he is certain that his successor will develop the music industry in the country despite the existing challenge of uniting the artists.

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“It is not easy to deal with artists because they can talk about you. It is not easy to maintain musicians but I managed since 2020 until today.”

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