Nunu-Futuyo tensions raise risk of violence before 2024 elections –

A report released this week by Small Arms Survey has warned of pre-election violence in Western Equatoria State over growing political tensions between Speaker Jemma Nunu and Governor Alfred Futuyo.

The report Titled: Jemma’s War: Political Strife in Western Equatoria State stated that politicians in Western Equatoria State are allegdely playing ethnicity cards, with the Avongara elite moving against Futuyo by casting him as an outsider.

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The situation report seen by Eye Radio stated that the ethnicization of politics has set family members against each other and closed civic and political space in the state.

The Small Arms Survey warned that the proposed elections in 2024 threaten to be explosive because both Futuyo and Nunu see the current situation as a zero-sum contest.

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The report stated it is unlikely that Western …