Organized forces present mixed reactions over salary

Some members of the organised forces have received the new salary increment with mixed reactions.

On Thursday, the Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs Chol Thon Balok, handed the message of appreciation from the Military Head Quarter to President Salva Kiir, thanking him for the improvements in the living wages of the soldiers.

However, one soldier, who spoke to The City Review anonymously for fear of reprisal, said the salary is not enough to improve their living standards.

“Since the orders always come from the highest ranks to the lowest ranks, we cannot complain,” the source said.

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Another soldier said receiving an SSP 35,000 salary appeared as a surprise to him.

He said it was his first time to receive such an amount, but with the economic crisis, the money cannot meet the basic needs of the family.

“This money will not be enough for my children, but I cannot complain because I swore to be loyal and patriotic to the country to protect the territory of the country during my graduation.”

Mr. Lual, one of the beneficiaries, said the money received by the brother could not provide for all their needs.

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“If we just look at the current market value of SSP 35,000, it will not solve the problems we are facing now. Let them equate it to $150,” he said.

The current salary increment surpassed the 400 percent salary raise, which means that a private soldier will receive SSP 35,000 up from the initial SSP 13,000.

The national assembly in August approved a 400 percent salary and wage increment for civil servants and the organised forces.

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