Over 433 people displaced by SSPDF lack food

A member of parliament decried the dire situation of people displaced in Ombaci Payam, Yei River County, Central Equatoria State.

Peter Lomude voiced concerns regarding the acute hunger that is upsetting the people who were forcibly removed from their homes.

Two weeks ago, Lomude reported to the parliament that the residents were forcefully evacuated from their areas of livelihood by SSPDF.

“As of Wednesday, last week, 451 people were sheltering in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ESC) compound in Yei without food or non-food items,” he said.

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He said the IDPs who are currently seeking refuge at a Yei church compound are facing serious challenges.

Lomude emphasised that the elderly people and young children, who could hardly survive without food, were the ones most affected by the situation.

“I have talked to the RRC to put consideration on the displaced people of Ombaci village for assistance,” he said.

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He said he would be following up with the RRC office to see if the displaced people could be helped.

He said the total number of households is 141, with 451 people displaced, and among them, 154 are children aged 17 and below.

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