Parliament ratifies 1954, 1961 Conventions on Stateless Persons

Parliament ratifies 1954, 1961 Conventions on Stateless Persons

The National Parliament on Wednesday, October 18, unanimously ratified the Conventions on the Status of Stateless Persons 1954 and the Reduction of the Statelessness 1961.

The two set out the main international laws on statelessness.

The 1954 Convention’s most significant contribution to international law is its definition of a stateless person as someone who is not considered as a national by any State under the operation of its law.

It provides important minimum standards of treatment for those who qualify as stateless persons.

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Whereas the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness 1961 seeks to balance the rights of individuals with the interests of States by setting out.

In a parliamentary debate chaired by Deputy Speaker Oyet Nathaniel, the lawmakers unanimously ratified the conventions after a motion was moved for the adoption of the document.

“We terminate the debate and then we ratify,” Deputy Speaker Oyet Nathaniel told the lawmakers.

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“We are not going to take it to another stage, it is ratification. There is nothing like with all observations, you are not going to resolve anything, you pass it in totality. We pass and ratify in totality,” he said.

“The two conventions, the one on the reduction of statelessness 1961 and the other relating to the status of stateless persons 1954 is therefore ratified by the house unanimously”.

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