Raiders kill herder, walk away with 25 cattle

Suspected cattle raiders shot and killed a herder, then fled with 25 herds of cattle in Rumbek, Central County, Lakes State.

The incident occurred on Sunday at 5:00 PM in the border area between Rumbek Central County and Cueibet County.

“The state has been generally calm for the last months, but we are surprised to note an incident yesterday where a man was killed and suspected raiders went with 25 herds of cattle,” Lakes State police spokesperson Elijah Makuac told The City Review.

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According to Makuac, the raiders who are suspected to be from Abiriu Payam attacked Baran-tok cattle camp where they killed Malook Bol Riak.

The cattle owners attempted to track down the criminals but they were unsuccessful, according to police.
He stated that security officers in Abiriu Payam in Cueibet County and on the opposite were notified and that the perpetrators are now being pursued.

“The security will first of all identify who those attackers are, and they are also to be apprehended and arrested for the crime they have committed.”

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“So, up until now, the security forces have been pursuing the criminals, and they are trying to identify the attackers, and they will be apprehended very soon,” he said.

He asked the people to desist from returning to illicit activity and to keep the state peaceful.

“I am asking everyone to cease from criminal activity, raiding, or revenge; people should not return to such situations.”

It is the first time this has happened in Lakes State since Governor Rin Tueny took office as governor in 2021.

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