Response to the article authorized and published by the Watchdog Press Facebook page titled: “Dr. Benjamin Bol Mel’s corruption and lavish spending unveiled in capital letter”.

By Eng. Michael Wetnhialic, Juba South Sudan

Lies are created by haters, circulated by cowards, bought by the weak, less mindful citizens and used by ignorant and disgruntled politicians to settle scores without studying the allegations to acquaint themselves with the truth. This article is to categorically respond to the baseless accusations made against Hon. Dr. Benjamin Bol Mel.

  1. The statement stated that Hon. Dr. Benjamin Bol Mel was under investigation for his involvement in the mismanagement of public funds.
  • It is irresponsible and a crime of the first scale in law to label blunt and unsubstantiated allegations against a public figure. These dimwits behind that Facebook Accounts thought any fake allegations would be bought by citizens. The fact that Dr. Benjamin Bol Mel runs multiple businesses is an open secret. This serves no purpose to connect him to corruption simply because he has huge business undertakings. Watchdog authors are aware of corruption roots in South Sudan and those roots are very far from the innocent businessman, the young emerging politician Dr. Benjamin Bol.
  • If they are challenged to authenticate their allegations with evidence in written form: to show court orders asking Bol Mel to appear in court to answer corruption charges or allegations, would there be any of its kind to show? This nullified this point as a mere witch-hunt by tribal propagandists.
  1. “And our investigation into these activities has uncovered a series of suspicious expenditures that point to the misuse of public funds” reads part of the statement.
  • This is also an imaginative investigation. If not, what series of investigations has the writer attached to the statement to build his or her accusations in order to settle doubts and establish a formidable ground for anyone wanting to check facts to use?
  1. “That Dr. Bol Mel has inflated an SPLM office built in Terekeka.”
  • It is easier to steal a drum but difficult to play it in the neighbourhood.” So, is empty labelling of people for corruption! Where are the documents which show, Dr. Bol Mel built an SPLM office, in Terekeka, worth 4 million dollars? Is it not another hot air, blown out of proportion?
  1. “The so-called Wau SPLM rally”;
  • The SPLM Presidential endorsement rally which drew delegates from 4 States, 1 administrative area of Abyei and Juba had no connection with Dr. Bol Mel. It was the sole project of the Governors and SPLM SG who funded it. Resources to conduct it were contributed by SPLM SG, the Governors and the administrative leader of Abyei. If asked why Bol Mel attended that function, he did so as a senior SPLM leader and a rich businessman in South Sudan who is obligated to be part of such historical functions.
  1. SPLM political schemes which the writer said were some of the projects which Dr. Bol Mel had coined to loot the resources.
  • In the SPLM political party: Dr. Benjamin Bol is not at the top of it, so as, to be the one framing policies, plans and executions of its projects. Dr. Bol is one of the top leaders in that party tasked to protect and promote the party. In which case, they work in collegiality not as individuals to warrant the accusations that he schemes to loot. Is this not another fake allegation framed without being given a proper aforethought?
  1. The writer in his or her misconception concluded by saying, “Citizens are angered and disappointed with the misuses and misappropriation of public funds by an influential individual in the person of Dr. Benjamin Bol Mel.
  • This last piece of accusation exposed the severity of the high label of ignorance and unintelligibility of the writer. Who held the survey to gather and collate the people’s views in connection with faked allegations to draw this conclusion from?
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As I wrote in the middle of my rebuttal, that it was not easier in an African setting to steal a drum and use it for a dance within the neighbourhood without being busted.

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The same applies to the faceless attention seekers and hired pens/guns to receive a fat cheque after inking falsified allegations, geared towards dirtening an image of a public figure like Dr. Benjamin Bol Mel. When will such black market writers at least recognize the tangible achievements instead of daily falsified allegations?

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The target which was aimed at, could not be achieved when statements lack logic and bases that could attract public attention and time.

The writer’s dream to have his or her trash read and believed by the public is a lost game at the earnest.

The public should not listen to smear campaigns and weak allegations made for political expediency to tarnish images of public figures without solid or justifiable pieces of evidence. And above all, the infamous Watchdog Press and its clients who are supplying it with fake information shall be brought to justice at any time if no adherence to ethics and humanity! This business of disinformation will be fought in many forms to ensure outlets like this one are reformed.

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