SSANU holds general convention in preparation for election

The South Sudan African National Union (SSANU) party on Saturday held its first-ever extraordinary convention on Saturday in preparation for the 2024 election.

The convention also intended to endorse the party’s amended constitution as well as the 35 per cent affirmative action for women’s participation in decision-making.

Speaking at the convention in Juba, Toby Maduot, the acting party president, said they intend to increase the number of women participating in the leadership of the party to match with what is in the peace agreement.

“I would like to call on all the women of South Sudan and all the women of SSANU to stand up and to prepare and to get ready for these upcoming elections,” he said. He said South Sudan is yearning for the elections and that the party supports any plan to hold an election next year.

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“We want to reach out to all our members in all parts of South Sudan to prepare them, to get them ready not only for the election but for the political work within our country,” he stated.

“We need to be active players in the development of South Sudan,” Maduot stated

According to him, the SSANU party stands for peaceful co-existence in the diversity of all the South Sudanese because the party did not participate in any of the conflicts that happened in South Sudan.

“We believe that to reach your political point, you need to go through dialogue and even if there are differences, you need to reach through dialogue and this is the initiative we (SSANU party) are taking.”

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However, the SSANU president called on all the South Sudanese to learn how to address their grievances through dialogue.

The convention has delegated powers, roles and duties of the SSANU party president to Acting President Bol Toby Madout until the next National Convention.

It also included the three administrative areas among the ten states of South Sudan as well as declaring the fresh new beginning of the political program of the SSANU party in preparation for December 2024.

They also stressed a need for the protection of human rights, promote agriculture for sustainable development.

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SSANU was formed in 1963 by South Sudanese as a reaction to what was considered the oppression of the southerners by the Khartoum following the departure of the Anglo-Egyptian administration.

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