Surge in number of candidates months after free education

The Acting Ministry of General Education and Instruction, Martin Tako, hailed the impact of the free education policy, saying it has increased enrolment of candidates who will sit for national examinations both in primary and secondary schools in 2023.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, Tako said the number of candidates who will sit for the CPE exams has increased by 14.4 per cent, while the CSE candidature has also increased by 21 per cent, compared to 2022.

“The number of candidates registered for CPE Examinations in this year 2023 has increased by 8,731 candidates than the candidates registered last year 2022 that was 60,838 candidates, which is equivalent to 14.4 per cent,” Tako said.

“This academic year, the secretariat recorded an increment in the number of candidates by 9,412 [12%] compared to 35,459 registered in 2022 CSE examinations,” he added.

He said the number of schools has increased by 10 per cent, with the total number of institutions rising above 400 that registered for CSE examinations in 2022.

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“The number of schools increased by 100 schools (10%) compared to 400 schools registered in the 2022 CSE examination,” he said.

He noted that the refugee candidates had increased to 13.5 per cent compared to 764 students who sat for the CSE examination in 2022.

“The refugee candidates also increased by 119 students (13.5 per cent) compared to 764 students who registered in the 2022 CSE examination last year,” he stated.

“Technical school registration increased by 30 students, while commercial school registration decreased by 36 students compared to 96 students and 142 students who registered in the 2022 CSE examination respectively,” he stressed.

He further emphasized that the credibility and integrity of the examination procedures are of immense importance to the SSNEC.

“I would wish all the candidates the best in the examinations, and also like to draw special attention to supervisors, invigilators, monitors, security and police, that credibility and integrity of examination processes are of great significance to the South Sudan National Examinations Council,” he said.

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“The monitors and security personnel play a pivotal role in helping the council to ensure that security is maintained, and examinations are conducted in a fair and appropriate manner that allows the candidates to in a suitable examination environment,” Tako stated.

However, he lauded President Kiir for remaining determined in supporting the educational system of the South Sudanese children in the country.

“I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to our President, H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit for his steadfast support to the education of the children of the Republic of South Sudan,” he stressed.

According to Tako, a total of 69,573 candidates will sit for the CPE examinations. Among these candidates, males are 38,575 and females are 30,998 who have registered for the examinations in 1,665 schools and 551 centres.

Meanwhile, in Secondary schools, a total of 44, 991 candidates are going to sit for the final examinations. These include 28,289 males and 16,685 females. Among these are; 887 Refugees which include 616 males and 267 females. And the accelerated Secondary Education program, 2,103 candidates registered for the exams. Among these are 1,481 males and 622 females in 500 schools.

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At 78th UN General Assembly in New York, President Kiir said the introduction of a free education policy in South Sudan has boosted the enrolment of children to a total of 2.3 million across the country.

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