UAP national staff fume after return-to-work formula delayed

The national staff of UAP have expressed worries over the delay in the implementation of resolutions of the dispute between them and the management, saying they have taken two weeks and nothing has been done.

The staff received a copy of a verdict letter entitled ‘Resolution of Dispute of UAP National Staff Grievances’ dated 6, October, 2023, addressed to the Managing Director of UAP.

The letter covered resolutions for UNSA complaints such as scrapping more than 20 percent employment of foreign staff, scrapping the systematic harassment and intimidation of national staff, stopping selective rewarding and renumeration, termination of national staff contracts and unlawful suspension and termination of the UAP national staff.

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On October 4, 2023, Mary Hillary Wani, Undersecretary, Ministry of Labour, issued a statement detailing the recommendations highlighting the return-to-work formula. The recommendations were that the UAP-National Staff should resume work, the company should reinstate the terminated UNSA national staff members, and nationalization of the UAP human resource department and review of UNSA staff salary structure. But two weeks later, these are yet to be done.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, one of the UAP national staff who decided to remain anonymous said, it was unfortunate that the UAP management continue to disregard the ministry of labour’s resolution.

“It is very unfortunate that the management persisted with disrespectful behaviour of South Sudan Ministry of Labour’s resolutions. The UAP management refused to comply with resolution from the ministry,” she said.

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She revealed that they had a meeting with the minister of labour and they were assured that there will be possibility on the implementation of the resolutions on behalf of UNSA.

“On the light of implementation of the UAP-National Staff Executive were invited for a meeting by Hon. James Hoth Mai, Minister of Labour on Thursday 12, October 2023, which the honorable minister promised us to get back on possible implementation of the resolutions on behalf of UNSA,” she stated.

“However, the management had delegated duties of the terminated members to be performed by Kenyan and Ugandan in their respective countries,” she added.

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She called on stakeholders to intervene on the implementation of the resolutions of the issue of the UAP national staff that is still pending.

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