USAID holds exhibition to support agricultural industry in Lakes State

USAID holds exhibition to support agricultural industry in Lakes State

The United States Ambassador to South Sudan was in Rumbek on Thursday to witness the exhibition of various products produced by South Sudanese farmers with support from the USAID-funded Resilience through Agriculture in South Sudan (RASS).

The exhibition which took place on Thursday, was organized to demonstrate USAID’S support for private sector productivity in honey and shea butter value chain work.

During the exhibition, farmers, who are predominantly women, displayed value-added produce such as honey and shea nuts.

Ambassador Michael J. Adler commended farmers for their hard work, dedication, and courage.

Mr. Adler said the project exhibition is one example of U.S.’s enduring assistance to the South Sudanese people.

“I am delighted to be here today to view the exhibition and meet the producers. I want to meet all of you who are working so hard to build a better future for people in Lake State and South Sudan; therefore, I will keep my comments brief,” he said.

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“The project we are learning about today is one example of US assistance to the South Sudanese people. I am very proud of the work USAID does here in South Sudan through our implementing partners, as it does around the world.”

Amb. Adler said Washington’s engagement in South Sudan is based on fundamental values, including US beliefs in human rights, democracy, and the ability of people to pursue and achieve a prosperous future for themselves and their families.

“But I am also proud of the history—the decade-long history of America’s support for the people of what is today’s South Sudan. This support began a decade ago, and it involves more than just government; it involves civil society and religious organizations. So many American people believe ours is truly a people-to-people relationship.”

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Mr. Adler further renewed his call to the transitional government to take the steps necessary to create an environment that is conducive to more effective development assistance, economic growth, and more investment.

Resilience through Agriculture in South Sudan (RASS) is a USAID-funded project supporting farmers at the states level.

Under the project, USAID is supporting local South Sudanese honey and shea butter producers in the four counties of Rumbek Centre, Wulu, Yambio, and Nzara.

It is working with local organizations, including the Titi Foundation and Star Trust Organization (STO), to support the honey and shea nut farmers to enhance their production and ensure quality assurance using modern machines and technologies.

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The activity is also partnering with Ubuntu Company, a women-led South Sudanese company, to ensure quality assurance and link the farmers to the local, regional, and international markets.



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