USSP wants CES cabinet differences resolved

The United South Sudan Party (USSP) lamented what they perceive as differences between Central Equatoria State governor, Emmanuel Adil, and his cabinet.

The party aired concerns during their party emergency meeting on October 1, 2023, in Juba.

“The United South Sudan party is disappointed in the manner in which the cabinet of the central equatoria state has been creating a wider and deeper gap of mistrust, especially between the governor and his ministries year pass in and out,” it noted on a statement issued over the weekend.

The USSP insisted that the cabinet of the Central Equatoria State should fix their issues to create an environment where they can deliver the rightful services to the people of Central Equatoria State or choose to quit their jobs for the good of the people.

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They also discussed the ongoing border tension between South Sudan and Uganda and called for urgent attention to address the issues.

“We greatly disapprove of the intrusion of Uganda People Defense Forces (UPDF) into areas of Liwolo payam, Kangapo II payam among other areas of Kajo Keji county of Central Equatoria State,” it added.

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 USSP further discussed the insecurity in the Central Equatoria State and called for immediate intervention to solve the rapidly growing situation.

The party called for a collective agreement to create good civil and military relations, mostly in the counties of Kajo Keji, Lainya, Yei, Morobo, and Juba, to prevent clashes between the civilian and the forces.

Last week, the national assembly debated a motion to have a contingent of ministers summoned to explain their next steps to de-escalate tension along the South Sudanese border with Uganda.

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The ministers of foreign affairs, interion and defence and veteran affairs could soon address the lawmakers on the plans to deal with the intrusion by the Ugandan Defence Forces.

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