WES govt mobilizes resources to fix collapsed Ibba bridge

WES govt mobilizes resources to fix collapsed Ibba bridge

The government of Western Equatoria has called on the general public to remain calm as it puts efforts to fix the lifeline bridge that collapsed leaving several counties disconnected from Juba.

On Thursday last week, heavy downpours across Western Equatoria washed away the Kuyongu bridge which is located along the Ibba – Yambio road.

According to the state authorities, passengers and goods traveling to and from Yambio, Nzara, Ezo, Tambura, Nagero, counties, and even Western Bahr el Ghazal capital Wau have been affected.

On Saturday, the acting State Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges James Abdallah Arona led a team of engineers to Ibba to assess the damages caused by the heavy downpour.

Speaking to reporters upon their return to Yambio, James Abdallah said the level of the damage on the bridge could not be fixed in a week’s time.

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He however says Juba has agreed to provide iron bars and cements while the state contributes red and white stones to make a temporary bridge.

“The damage is really a great challenge that cannot be covered within one week or two weeks. So according to our communication with our team of engineers during an emergency meeting, the resolution of the emergency meeting gave the mandate to the engineers at the national level to mobilize the resources.

“The resources that they have already agreed to support with cement and iron bars. Then at the state level also we will contribute with the local materials, red and white stones.”

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James Abdallah Arona said the weekend’s inspection visit identified an area to build a temporary bridge.     

For his part, Western Equatoria State Minister of Information assured the public of the government’s commitment to fix the bridge as soon as possible.

Murusal Isaac is therefore appealing to the national government to deploy engineers and the necessary materials required to help fix the bridge.

“I am appealing to the public, let the public be calm, we are making efforts to see that what my colleague has narrated should happen.

“We are going to communicate with all the partners so that as soon as possible they try to supply us with materials and the national government should at least send their engineers down and some materials that we don’t have so that the bridge can be rebuilt again.

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“You just need to be calm; we are going to make another alternative to see that at least the right cars can pass.”



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