Western Equatoria State : Politics split on ethnic divide

The history of the WES division is traceable. As governor, General Samuel Abu John consolidated the entire WES. Even with Governor Nunu, the community was united.

This is why Bakosoro won the election in Yambio but lost to Hon. Nunu in Tambura, despite having previously served as Commissioner in Tambura.

This indicates that there was no division between the people of Yambio and Tambura, as both Bakosoro and Nunu were from Tambura county, but the people of Yambio still elected Bakosoro as governor.

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When Bakosoro becomes governor, the Yambio vs. Tambura conflict becomes evident. Clearly, that the Bakosoro regime brought about this regional division. Bakosoro moved to divide the Azande community along clan lines, specifically target the Avongara clan of the Azande Royal Family. This is a summary of the origins of division.

Futuyo is not tough to manage; what is challenging is the absence of strategy planning by the leaders that took over WES or community leadership. Nunu and Bakosoro drove out all of our military veterans and replaced them with their sycophants. If veterans want to talk to Bakosoro and Nunu today, they must act like their sycophants. As a result, the vast majority of veterans would rather die poor and dignified than beg.

When will preparations for the elections begin?

You talk a lot about your support for the Azande candidates, but you don’t tell us what these candidates would do for the community?

In September during the annual commomeration of late bishop Gasi. Bakosoro approached the Church leadership to back him up