Yakani calls for audit of governors’ forum scorecard

The Executive Director of the Community Empowerment for Orogress Organization (CEPO), Edmond Yakani, urged the government to evaluate the performances of state governments amid as the seventh edition of the governors’ forum lingers.

Yakani alleged that his organization had discovered that 70 per cent of the resolutions in the previous form had not been implemented. He expressed worry that the forum could soon change into a haven of political tourism.

“I am calling upon on the government, especially the office of his excellency the president, which is in charge of this particular forum or this particular process to evaluate the level the state governors have implemented the resolutions of the 6th administrative forum,” he said.

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“If we are going to hold the 7th administrative forum by end of November then we must know the impact of the 6th forum that was held last year,” he added.

Yakani said the governors should be held accountable for not having any visible results seen by the people of South Sudan. He argued that there is no need of holding another forum if the previous recommendations are stocked up in the shelves.

During the previous forum, President Salva Kiir promised that the resolutions made would be followed with no fail but the government is yet to accomplish this.

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“All attempts must be made to follow up on the resolutions and recommendations of the sixth governor’s forum,” he said.

“As we walk away from this hall, we all need to remember that one criticism of the governors’ forum is the lack of follow-up on its resolutions.”

“Let us address this lack of follow-up on the resolutions collectively at all levels of government. Failure to take this public concern seriously will erode public confidence in the government on the importance of this annual gathering,” he added.

The governors’ forum is an annual meeting that brings together all state and administrative area chiefs every year.

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The sixth governors’ forum came up with 83 resolutions and recommendations to address peace and security issues, governance, the economy, and the delivery of essential services, among others.

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