Yambio first deputy mayor promises to deliver within 90 days in office

The newly sworn-in first deputy mayor of Yambio municipality, Milton Severino, promised to deliver on his task within the 90 days in office.

He said general cleaning and road openings are top of his first priority.

Speaking during his swearing-in ceremony at the state secretariat in Yambio on Monday, Severino noted that he had been given 90 days to clean Yambio Municipality residential areas.

“We are going to use machines and hands, if not done I will lose my position, but before that 90 days I promise to do my best and make sure that services are delivered to my people,” he said.

He promised to ensure transparency and accountability in all the taxes collected by the town council.

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He also lauded the leadership of the state government for entrusting and appointing him as the first deputy mayor.

Severino promised to work according to the interests of the Yambio town municipality residents.

However, Severino, who is from the SPLM party, called on the leadership of the municipality to join hands to deliver services to their people.

“We need to work together and issues of our parties should not stop us from delivering to our people. If you people see me going to the Governor it’s the work not any other purposes,” he said.

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Meanwhile, the Governor of Western Equatoria State Gen. Alfred Futuyo said the appointment of the first deputy mayor is for two main things.

“One, he is the first deputy mayor for administration and finance, not land. Let you know this very well, if there is a piece of land please don’t sell leave it for the owner.”

Futuyo advised the newly sworn-in deputy mayor to work for the people, not his party or governor.

“Let me warn both of you, mayor and first deputy to avoid illegally selling land within the municipality using my name. If one is caught doing that, I will use the power given to me by the state constitution to remove that person from his position,” Futuyo said.


“I need you all working together for the development and service delivery to our community.”

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