Yambio hospital receives drug consignment from faith-based organization

The Western Equatoria State Ministry of Health on Tuesday received a drug consignment from a faith-based organization, the New Life Ministry.

The items were handed over through the Episcopal Church of South Sudan Western Equatoria internal province.

Speaking at the handover ceremony at Yambio State Hospital, John Arona, praised the Arch Bishop of Western Equatoria Episcopal Church of South Sudan’s internal province and their partners for their great support.

“I would like to appreciate this kindness on behalf of Western Equatoria State people and the State Ministry of Health,” he said.

“This is the first time to receive such a huge consignment since the withdrawal of the Health Poole Fund in September last year.”

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He urged the administration of Yambio State Hospital to ensure they properly use the drugs to save lives.

“Make good use of this donation I don’t want to see you misusing the drugs. Make sure these drugs are used to treat patients in the hospital not for sale,” he stated.

Arona noted the challenges facing the ministry of health, which he said, has made it tough to provide the needed services to the citizens.

He said the withdrawal of health support by the donors has greatly affected the functioning of the health system in the country.

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The director of New Life Ministry South Sudan, Rev. Gabriel Lagu Nicholas, said they learnt about the situation of Yambio State Hospital from Rev. Dr. Samuel Enosa Peni when came to Yambio Diocese for the outreach program.

He said they were taken through the hospital where they were able to know about the challenges facing the hospital.

“Then after securing the fund from the United States Government, we said let us take to Western Equatoria State and that is why we are handing over this consignment to the hospital today,” Lagu said.

He pledged to lobby for more funds to support the Hospital and the people of Western Equatoria State.

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